Greg Hansen For Mayor – Campaign Statement

Steady, engaged, and thoughtful leadership

After weeks of consideration, and after listening to the concerns of many Ferndale citizens whose opinions I respect, I have decided to run for the office of Mayor of Ferndale.

Ferndale deserves a choice in leadership.  I have watched Ferndale’s evolution over the last 50 years.  I know where it has been, where it is now, and I know how to guide Ferndale into the future.  I am Ferndale made. I am a Ferndale High School and Western graduate. In my 20s and 30s I was a manager at the Resort Semiahmoo. In my 40s, I followed my heart, going into education and for the last 13 years I have been teaching Hospitality and Tourism Management and Business Administration at Whatcom Community College. I have dedicated my professional life to business management; leading, teaching, and mentoring individuals to reach their full potential. My entire life has been a preparation for this role in our community.

Ferndale is growing and many of the changes happening in our city are encouraging. At the same time, growth has given our community its fair share of concerns: A costly new sewer treatment plant; a new source of water to incorporate; city and court facilities that no longer fit our needs; traffic.  Many of our challenges are large and costly.  Our city has planned and prepared for growth, but much of the heavy lifting is yet to be done.  Ferndale needs steady, engaged, and thoughtful leadership.

Ferndale’s downtown should be vibrant with restaurants, shopping, and events, giving families and individuals reasons to be downtown.  City government initiatives like the catalyst program that seek to encourage investment in Ferndale’s downtown will add to Ferndale’s vibrancy.  These are exactly the types of investments for our future City government should be making.  The evolution of our downtown is not without concerns. Ferndale must put more effort into helping individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs navigate the ever-increasing laws and regulations while providing realistic expectations for those working to open businesses in our community.

Finally, I believe the character and the culture of a community is embedded in its parks, public spaces, and community events. These are spaces where individuals and families can be active, congregate, and make connections with their community.  We have made great progress in our parks and recreation initiatives and it is clear that Ferndale residents would like to see more. Great parks and recreation opportunities equal great communities!

Over the coming months I look forward to speaking to every Ferndale voter about our shared love and concerns for the future of Ferndale.

– Greg